Work Smarter, Not Harder: Learn In About 3 Minutes!

We’ve all been there: pulling data from a large table with LOTS of numerical columns that need to be aggregated. Why type out ‘SUM(col_1) AS col_1, etc’ for each of the 30+ columns when it can be much simpler? Note: The second super time-saver follows this first magic trick!

Excel Can Be Used For More Than Just Pivot Tables


Office Hours

Open Data Sets: They’re Not Just For Visualizations and Models

I’m going to explain how you can add value as a data analyst to your current/future potential employer without actually ‘analyzing’ data!

‘Boom!’ — Your Mind, Because It’s Just Been Blown

What’s This Crazy Talk?!?

Acquire, prep, and explore are three of the earlier stages of the data pipeline. ‘Ok, but how does that…

Why You Must Understand What Keeps the Lights On

‘We’re very data driven!’ and ‘What do the numbers say we should do?’ are great examples of mindsets that have the possibility of getting an organization into some hot water. A business is more than numbers and KPI’s and data analysts and data scientists must always remember this.

Best Case Scenario: Someone Tells You You’re Wrong

Let’s run…

Joseph Burton

Plain and simple, I enjoy working with data. I like finding solutions that aren't on the surface.

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